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Enjoy our exclusive private tour to have a memorable time only for your group.

A professional guide/ certified kayaking instructor in English will lead the tour. Come and have a wonderful time in Gokasho Bay with the quintessential Japanese natural environment rich in diversity and calming ria coastline.

Details of the Private Tour Services

We have tandem kayaks available for private tours. Depending on the customer's request and experience, we also have single kayaks. Please feel free to contact us for such requests.

We have basically no age restrictions as this tour is exclusively for your group. Anyone can participate as long as they can properly wear a life jacket. Dogs can also be accompanied on a private tour.

Items necessary for kayak touring will be provided, including paddles, life jackets, and marine shoes. Please participate in the tour wearing clothes you do not mind getting wet. After the tour, you can shower and change clothes before returning home. We will lend you a waterproof bag for your valuables to have them safely with you during the tour.

Paddle along the picturesque ria coastline and take a break at a deserted beach for a moment of relaxation. Enjoy the rich nature of Japan.

Types of Private Tours

We have a"Full-day Private Tour" to enjoy kayaking to the fullest and a "Half-day Private Tour" for a casual experience. Please select a tour according to your travel plans.

The meeting/ending time of the tour is negotiable. The Full-day Private Tour includes a special lunch and dessert; we hope you enjoy our original dishes made with local ingredients. The Half-day Plan comes with a special dessert.

*Please inform us of any allergies after the reservation.

Full-day Private Tour

Enjoy a full-day tour in the sea of Ise-Shima, long renowned for its scenic beauty.

Tour dates Negotiable
Tour price 24,200 JPY (per person)
Meeting time 10 am (negotiable)
Meeting location Sunny Coast Kayaks

All tour prices include tax.

Half-day Private Tour

Have fun on our half-day tour in the calm bay surrounded by the intricate ria coast.

Tour dates Negotiable
Tour price 13,200 JPY (per person)
Meeting time 10 am or 1 pm (negotiable)
 Meeting location Sunny Coast Kayaks

All tour prices include tax.

Notes on a Private Tour

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How to book a Private Tour

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