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General Information

7 to 74 years old (please contact us for 75 years old and above.)
For private tours, please contact us for age restrictions.
Kids who are 17 years old and below must be accompanied by their guardians.

Please contact us if you are over 90kg(approx. 200 lb ).

Cash (JPY) or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, DinersClub, Discover, UnionPay)

Included in the price: Rental of life jackets and paddles

We have showers and restrooms for both men and women.

Please contact us.
We have accessible restrooms but no shower facilities.
Please get in touch with us in advance if you need a rental wheelchair.

Dogs can be accompanied under the dog owner's responsibility.
Dogs also need a life jacket (rental available).

Please bring your food and drink. 500ml should be enough.
Mineral water and Japanese tea can be purchased on-site.

We will lend you a waterproof bag to keep the valuables. We ask our guests to take care of their items.

Terrestrial: Wasp, tick, viper, etc.
Aquatic: Poisonous jellyfish, sea urchins, blue-ringed octopus, etc.

Although there are low chances of encountering the creatures mentioned above, remember that kayaking is an activity in nature; please follow the guide's instructions during the tour.

Beach plants: Hibiscus hamabo, Vitex rotundifolia
Halophytes (mangrove): Myoporum bontioides

  • All wastes and garbage are to be taken back.
  • Wild plants and animals cannot be collected.
  • We will pay careful attention to the sea traffic.
  • Please do not go too close to the fishing facilities (sea rafts, etc.).

We will wait or avoid boats and ships. In particular, we will take great caution to fishing boats as it is difficult to see its course.

  • The tours are held on rainy days during spring, summer, and autumn. However, we will call off when it rains in winter.
  • We will call off tours and the kayak rental services if the weather forecast* for the day before shows wind speed of 10 m/s(approx. 36 km/h, 23 mph) or stronger. We will also call off the service if the weather forecast* in the morning shows wind speed of 7 m/s(approx. 25 km/h, 15 mph) or stronger.
    * Weather forecast for Minami-ise Town on
  • Based on an on-site observation, contrary to the weather forecast, the services of Kayak rentals will be closed if the wind blows stronger than 5 m/s(approx. 18 km/h, 12 mph).

Expectant mothers and those who might be pregnant cannot participate in the tour due to safety reasons. No hospitals and clinics in the area can handle expectant mothers upon illness and injury.

General caution to coughs. Hand sanitizer.

Kayak is considered a vessel in Japan, and controlling such watercraft under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by law. Please abide by Japanese rules, including drug intake.

We comply with the Personal Information Protection Law.

  • Included in the price: Rental of life jackets and paddles.
  • For rental kayak customers, gear and outfits are rented for a fee.
  • The same condition applies to marine shoes.

Rental Services

The extension fee is 1,100 JPY per hour.
Please return by 4 pm and make sure you arrive on time. If you are late, we will contact you and send a powerboat at our discretion. (The actual cost is charged to the customer. Towing fee by using a powerboat is 11,000 JPY or more.)

Please note that the basic principle of kayaking is self-rescue. First, try re-entering a kayak or swimming to the nearest coast.

If you cannot re-enter or swim, please get in touch with Sunny Coast Kayaks. We will send a powerboat. If you fail to contact Sunny Coast Kayaks, call the Coast Guard at 118(Japan Coast Guard) immediately. Remember that a swift call will ensure your safety and enhance the rescuer's safety. Do not hesitate to call 118 in an emergency.

- Sit-on-top tandem kayak (2 persons plus a child)
- Sit-on-top single kayak (1 person)

Licensed customers can also rent the below items:
- Single seakayak
- Tandem seakayak

Private Tour

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